Boost your fertility

Natural remedies for fertility



There are several very effective drinkable recipe to take either morning and evening from the 1st day to the last day of the rules. This will clean the tubes to help get pregnant.
Preparation: put in a glass boiling water and add half sugar and two tablespoons of dried lavender.

-Infusion  of lavender is recommended during the first 5 days of your J1 rules … .j5, drink a cup in the evening before sleep.


Ginger falls into the category of rich spices with antioxidants, and also used against the effects of nausea and also for their anti-inflammatory properties. If the aphrodisiac effect of ginger has not been scientifically proven, ginger, however, could help boost male fertility because its consumption would increase sperm quality (sperm more concentrated and more mobile sperm and sperm). In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, especially in terms of sexual organs: a prerequisite for enjoyment.


it is a source of vitamin B9 for women. However, it is not enough alone to cover the necessary inputs: If necessary, your doctor may prescribe supplementation of this vitamin to get pregnant in good conditions.
You can just add some ginger to your diet to meet your dishes: this spice is incorporated quite easily into stews particular or in soups. It is also possible to prepare a ginger tea, leaving infuse a little grated ginger in boiling water for about ten minutes. Feel free to sweeten herbal tea with a spoonful of honey before drinking.

The black seed

It is highly recommended and used to use to black seed to get pregnant if you have trouble in your reproductive system. The black seed strengthens the functioning of the gonads and facilitates the expulsion of a normal egg and good quality, ready to be fertilized. It also promotes the menstrual cycle, so women who suffer

The black seed

irregular menstrual cycles can easily adjust their cycles for more orderly menstruation, and this way they can easily determine their fertile period and so they will they be able to choose the right time to make love and have more chances of conceiving. In addition, the black seed is a true stimulant of male and female sex hormones, thus it can be consumed by humans as to improve the quality of sperm.


You can boil about 20g cumin seeds with 10g of chamomile and drink a cup of this mixture morning fasting or at night before bed) or blend the black seed with honey and take 1 tablespoon each morning.

Safran to get pregnant


The saffron as virtues Clean the uterus during menstruation. Infuse 1 tablespoon of saffron (Crocus sativa) to 1 liter of boiling water for about 5 minutes until a brown water.
Then drink the brew each month, 1 day to 4th day rules (the taste is not terrible blow, you can be flavored with chamomile, honey, anise ….).


Fenugreek is rich phosphorus, iron, sulfur, nicotinic acid, alkaloids, saponins (with the origin of its stimulant properties of appetite), flavonoids, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, C, magnesium, calcium, lecithin,

protein (30%), steroid saponins, which contribute to the synthesis of cholesterol and sex hormones) and has a high fiber content (50%). Pressed, fenugreek seeds produce a rich edible oil omega-3 fatty acids (20 to 30% of the fatty acids present) and vitamin E. This plant has other properties that it you taking
burden of diabetes excess cholesterol. against falling cheveux.stimuler appetite, relieve digestive and respiratory problems, and restore energy for convalescents and depressed people. Fenugreek mixed with honey to this mixture to make three eggs and place in the freezer
for those with a 28-day cycle, evening:
-The 12th day put an egg into your vagina and drink a cup
of lavender tea
-13e days to reproduce
-14th days to reproduce
-15e day drinking a cup of tea and put another cup between your legs or sitting upright, careful not burn you girls !! Steam enters your uterus.

Seed squash (for men)

Seed squash

The decline in fertility in men is becoming more common, it is primarily due to a combination of harmful factors from the outside but also from within. We know that diet significantly impact on the quality of
male sperm, deficiencies or excesses have very negative effects on the quantity and quality of sperm The sex glands need toning and foods rich in fatty acids have very positive effects on sperm quality. Why pumpkin seed naturally rich in zinc, acids and its high concentration of trace elements and antioxidant plant substances is highly recommended for men who want to have a child. This is a very nourishing and energizing seed, it also helps to boost libido in men.

Tribulus (for men)


Tribulus and Mucuna are known to improve the semen analysis. We can associate the form of extracts standardized plants (ask a specialist in herbal medicine pharmacist) or in capsules.