Tips to avoid vomiting

avoid vomiting during pregnancy

1 – Take time to get up. Before getting out of bed, eat a little something, like a cookie or a toasted sandwich, or a yogurt drink … When you rise, immediately drink a glass of water or fruit juice and take a light breakfast .

2 – If you are sick all day, so it is best to eat and drink frequently (every 2 to 3 hours) in small amounts, such as a sandwich or fruit. But as you eat less than normal, it is important that you choose energy-rich foods such as dairy products (milk, yogurt …).

3 – Identify situations (odors, drive …) or foods that cause you harm. If necessary, let someone else cook or prefer the microwave to prevent odors. Ventilate the house and enjoy the outside air.

4 – Avoid very spicy foods, acidic, fatty and fried foods. Fat stays longer in the stomach and can increase nausea.

5 – Take a cold meal if you tolerate best. Cold foods give off less odor. Be careful with raw meat and fish.

 6 – Drink enough water , especially if nausea is accompanied by vomiting. Sometimes soft drinks help.

7 – Relax , because fatigue can increase nausea. Do not lie down immediately after eating, first stay still sitting 10 to 20 minutes.

8 – These two tips can help you if you are sick.

– Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
– Suck or chew ice chips, or suck a lemon slice.

9 – Pay special attention to your oral hygiene . Vomiting can damage your teeth. Rinse mouth after vomiting but do not brush your teeth immediately: Wait at least half an hour because the vomited acid residues can damage the enamel, and brushing reinforces their action.

10 – Sometimes it is advisable to take vitamins B6 and B12 supplements, but their effectiveness has not been proven sufficiently.

11 – Several scientific advice recommending preparations ginger . Four doses of 250 mg per day are considered safe, but use them in such a short period as possible (some set a maximum period of 4 days). If you are considering this solution, talk to your doctor.

12 – Several studies show a beneficial effect of acupuncture and acupressure (wrist).

13 – It is not conclusively proven that hypnosis or homeopathy help.

14 – Contact your doctor :

– if you vomit more than three times a day
– if you have nausea accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or upset stomach
– if nausea occur or worsen after the 9th week of pregnancy, it may also recommend any other cause (such as gastrointestinal inflammation, gestational hypertension …).